Overwhelmed Entrepreneur

Stop wasting your time trying to DO IT ALL, and give yourself permission to spend time doing the tasks you REALLY ENJOY completing.

this is your permission to ask for help



Business Should Be Simple.


Your day to day life is complicated enough - your business doesn’t have to be. With the right support, you can scale your business to not just work WITH you but one that works FOR you.


Ready for a business that feels easy?

WIth more than 11+ years of entrepreneurship and 5 years as an OBM, I am bringing an entire vault worth of skills to your business. From copywriting, to website design, to email marketing and automations - there's not much I can't do.


I'm not your typical online assistant

You don't need to do everything, just the RIGHT thing. There's only one you, and not knowing where to spend YOUR time is costing you thousands of dollars. I help you pin point where your time is best spent so you can delegate the rest.


Master time managment


I want you to stop.the.hustle.

I will help you clear your plate, your virtual to-do list and help you stay organized. Entrepreneurs tend to overcomplicate nearly everything. My passion is helping you simplify.

the salt and sand difference

word on the  street  beach


Kaylee R
Wellness Coach

Before hiring Alecia, I was working all hours of the day but feeling like I wasn't accomplishing anything. I was seeing results but it felt like it was coming at the cost to my children and my family. I knew the only way I was ever going to make this work is by getting the right support. Now, I finally feel like I am more balanced, able to support those I care about and have a business that I actually enjoy working in again. Thanks Alecia! 

i finally feel like i have a business that works for me and my family


Cassidy B
Social Media Manager, Photographer

I'm so glad I finally stopped "doing it all" and embraced getting support. It was hard to give up some control and trust someone else to do things how I want them done but Alecia came in and immediately understood my visions, my brand and what I wanted. My only regret is I didn't get help sooner. Just hire her. Trust me, it's worth it. 

asking for help is hard, experiencing the freedom that comes with it... is easy


Erin S
Money Coach

Finally a website that ACTUALLY represents my brand and doesnt look like everyone else.

I love a good fashion trend, but when it comes to my business I don't want to look like everyone else. I wanted a website that looked fresh, vibrant and more unique than the more neutral, uber modern websites I was seeing everywhere. Being a money coach - means I want to stand out and shine. 

And shine is exactly what Salt and Sand gave me! I'm obsessed with my website and can't wait for our yearly refresh to see what other creative things we can do. 

curious where this goes?
there's more to the story

If multi-passionate had a name beside it, it would say "Alecia." 

An entrepreneur of 11+ years, I am obsessed with helping you build the business of your dreams WITHOUT the obstacles, overwhelm and stress that often comes with it. 

As a woman and mom of 4 - I get that time is limited, resources are often scarce and sometimes you just want to blow off creating content for a mimosa and a date with the latest Nora Roberts novel. 

And I 100% believe you should!

Your New Right Hand Woman 

 and biz bff

Meet Alecia

Bottom line: You shouldn't have to choose between a successful business and a thriving personal life. You can have both and I have made it my mission to provide support that will help you create a corner of the internet that you're proud of.



Time is the most valuable commodity you have yet the inability to manage it might be costing you thousands in revenue and leads.

Enter in Lose the To Dos where I will walk you through my personal and proven time management strategies that will help you save time, money and scale your business more efficiently.



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