Leadership is lonely and in a society that glorifies wearing a million hats and ‘doing it all’ - it can be hard to know when to ask for support. Asking for help and investing in your business is hard. I know.

The problem is, it’s likely kept you from scaling your business, feeling organized and if I was to guess, you’re probably lacking streamlined operations and systems.

Good news, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With a taste of strategy, a garnish of organization, and a full glass of streamlined operations - I’m delivering a beachy business cocktail you won’t get a hangover from.

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How many potential customers are you missing out on because you're too burnt out to foster relationships with them?

The lack of systems, automations and backend disorganization may be costing you time and a whole lot of money.

How many of your launches are falling flat because you had to skip steps or do everything yourself? How many clients are passing up your offers because you're unable to give them the couture experience they deserve? 

how much money are your outdated
(or nonexistent) systems costing you?

What's not working

With the right backend systems in place, you can get back to doing all the things that move the needle forward in your business and stop wasting your time on all the "busy-bee" tasks.

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You can have a business that works for you

"Alecia literally gave me my life back. My business was a disorganized mess before she came and worked her magic. She has streamlined everything and given me and my team the ability to stay on track, meet goals and deadlines and actually have a cohesive business that actually runs like a six-figure business should run."

-Lisa G

"I had no idea how badly I needed an OBM until I got one. I am NEVER.GOING.BACK. "

-Hannah T.

"Alecia is a gem. She improved my business in every way and related to my flexible needs as a mom. Her vast knowledge helped me understand what really mattered in my business and allowed me to turn over control so I could focus on the things that I actually wanted to do. I always knew everything else would be taken care of without me having to worry."

-Hollie P.





You can wake up and know exactly what needs to be done that day allowing you to get right to work without having to keep track of your team or check in on all the back end operations.

You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of, vet potential offers and help strategize and plan for all the visions in your head.

Your vision will come to life without you having to know how to do everything in your business or manually work on all aspects of it. 

Everything you do will have a specific purpose and proven results of moving the needle forward in your business. No more wasting time on pointless tasks.

Here's why you'll love it

As my offers broadened and I worked with more and more entrepreneurs, I realized that most business owners were lacking the right kind of support. They had their VA’s, their social media managers and assistants but they lacked someone to bring all of those pieces together. There is a huge need for an operations officer to manage the team, the projects and make sure that the business can run smoothly through automation and systems. The OBM Monthly Retainer is here to provide you with a wingwoman who will make sure your business can run smoothly, efficiently and systematically without you having to micromanage every step.

The Online Business Manager

 Monthly Retainer


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Our time together

and so much more

at a glance

  • Project & Launch Management

  • Team Management

  • Systems Building & Standard Operating Procedures

  • Monitoring Metrics & Analysis

  • Managing CEO's Time

  • Recruiting & Vetting 
  • Automations

  • Sales Funnels 

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Development & Maintenance

  • Email & Social Media Marketing

  • Training on New Apps & Software

  • Regular Business Audits

  • Revenue Generating Activities

  • Strategizing & Monitoring

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions 

  • Customer Journey Workflow

  •  Strategy




current rate is $100/hour
10 hr/month minimum

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You could keep doing it all...

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The problem is, your business doesn't have the foundation to support you and all of your ideas, which makes you feel resentful, stressed and unable to meet your goals. I believe that a messy "behind the scenes" should never hold a badass woman back from being the powerful CEO she was born to be.

I understand the overwhelm and pressure of running an online business and constantly showing up. That's why I bring 11+ years of online experience to your business so you can get back to changing people's lives. 

I know you are a woman ready to step fully 

 into the role of CEO

In order to be that woman you need to have someone who takes care of the day to day so you can focus on all the impactful and vision driven tasks in your business.

My team loves Alecia. She provides such a safe, fun and systemized space to work and everyone feels free to flex their creative muscles while staying on track with the needs of my business. She has proven to be an amazing partner to me and leader in my future goals. I truly don't think I'd be where I am today without her.

- Janelle M

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Now is your chance to invest in being supported so you can see better results, scale faster and work less.

I'm obsessed with reading, writing, carbs and Ed Sheeran. I've been keeping it eternally sunshine-y and weird since the beginning of 1988. #YourFavoriteMillenial

I didn't always have this business, the clients or some of the dreams checked off my list. Instead, I had a degree I wasn't using, an entire list of failures behind me and a vision in my head.

But that vision propelled me forward and I kept showing up no matter how few were listening.

I set out with a desire to make backend systems and automations just as sexy as marketing.

Along the way, I realized that I loved creating a beautiful and strategic corner of the internet for my clients that they were actually PROUD to share with the world. I believe everyone is here to shine and I want to help provide the platform to do so.

So now I help my clients create beautiful websites, copy, designs and everything in between to help propel them to share their unique gifts with the world. Cause babe, we need them! 

Im a small town Midwest strategist, educator and podcaster with a coffee in one hand, my favorite journal in the other and a whole lotta dreams bouncing around in my head.

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