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Create a scroll stopping home page that converts

The 8 email nurture sequence guide that converts fans into clients

Learn how to manage your time and stop the stress once and for all

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My go to project management software for keeping all the operations running smoothly. I use this to organize tasks, keep the team on top of deadlines and ensure we are meeting our goals.

The simplest graphics tool is here and ready to use. From IG graphics, to workbooks, to course slides and everything in between, Canva has you covered. You don't have to be a designer to use this program and can still make everything look good.

The backbone of my business is google workspace. From docs, to spreadsheets to email and everything in between this keeps me and my clients organized, efficient and always on top of the backend operations.

Slack is great for team communications and for keeping multiple facets organized in the business. I use this for larger teams to keep everyone organized and on track in our communications.

I love voxer for smaller teams and for voice messaging. I use this a lot of brainstorming with my clients or for very small teams that prefer voice messaging over typing.

If you are a podcaster or create video content headliner app is great for producing audiograms and captions for audio and video. It helps give that audio element to visual social media platforms.

My absolute FAVORITE email management software out there. It's sooo user friendly and is capable of putting together automated work flows, segments and creating beautiful emails. You can also use it to accept payments and create landing pages as well. 

My favorite website builder for myself and my clients. Teaming up with Wordpress, Showit makes customizing a breeze and truly helps create a unique and beautiful website - the easy way.

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google workspace



headliner app

the tools I use on the daily

office obsessions

My favorite social media
planning app

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The best app for photo editing

Beautiful and unique business cards

The only way I listen to music while I work

Learn while you work. Multitasking at it's best

The best way to have multiple tabs open

My favorite place for podcast transcriptions

Best place for fonts and design elements

Beautiful planners and office supplies

work from home picks

Whether I'm keeping my skin glowing or my period symptoms at bay - these vitamins have been a game changer.

There is nothing I like more than a good book to rewind after a hard day. This gives me so many options in all the genres I love.

Skincare is my favorite form of self care and with the stresses of entrepreneurship, I need something amazing. 

Flo vitamins

Kindle unlimited

olive tree people

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Business & Personal Growth

off hours picks - just for fun

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A book I have read 7 times. Will make you think about life differently

An oldie but a goodie this will help you understand the energy of money

A unique story that proves not everything or everyone is black and white

Prepare to laugh out loud in this hilarious small town romantic tale

A book that made me cry multiple times. A beautiful story about love and loss

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A thriller that's not for the faint of heart. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat

An easy read on how to simplify marketing and how to not complicate matters

Create an authentic brand and voice and learn the power of story telling

A bold and fun book about money mindset and the daily practices to help you manifest

A deep dive into balance, priorities and what you really value in life and business

The bible of creating new habits and getting rid of old ones in an easy way

Brilliant book about money mindset and how to approach your life - the millionaire way

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