I'm obsessed with reading, writing, carbs and Ed Sheeran. I've been keeping it eternally sunshine-y and weird since the beginning of 1988. #YourFavoriteMillenial

I didn't always have this business, the clients or some of the dreams checked off my list. Instead, I had a degree I wasn't using, an entire list of failures behind me and a vision in my head.

But that vision propelled me forward and I kept showing up no matter how few were listening.

I set out with a desire to make backend systems and automations just as sexy as marketing.

Along the way, I realized that I loved creating a beautiful and strategic corner of the internet for my clients that they were actually PROUD to share with the world. I believe everyone is here to shine and I want to help provide the platform to do so.

So now I help my clients create beautiful websites, copy, designs and everything in between to help propel them to share their unique gifts with the world. Cause babe, we need them! 

Im a small town, midwest strategist, educator and executive assistant with a coffee in one hand, my favorite planner in the other and a whole lotta dreams bouncing around in my head.

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Instead, I was in my midwestern home, barefoot, pregnant and waddling myself through a cold winter. I knew I had a multitude of skills and experience in the entrepreneurial world and saw so many business leaders struggling with time management, disorganization and serious burnout.

So I stopped worrying about putting myself in a box, embraced my multi-passionate nature and started carving out an elite, streamlined and totally fun experience for overwhelmed coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs everywhere. 

I would like to say I was sitting on the beach, drink in hand, sunhat perfectly placed, while my perfectly pedicured toes peacefully made rainbows in the sand. However, the beginning was a little less sunny and a lot less glamorous.

Because I get how taxing (albeit exciting) running a business can be. From marketing, to branding, to sales copy, to software - the list is long and the knowledge needed is vast. 

You just want to be able to share your zone of genius, change lives and have a balanced life between work, family and friends. And the occasional margarita on the beach wouldn’t hurt either.


Bottom Line:

Leadership is lonely, and I strive to help fill that void with compassion, solutions and perspective. Life is hard, business shouldn’t have to be.



why salt and sand

Entrepreneurship is hard. Let’s just be real. Chasing your dream is having days that are absolutely magical and others where you’re huddled in a closet, clutching your glass of wine wondering what the F you’re actually doing.

That’s why you need one less thing on your plate. One less stressor clogging up all that creative magic that is trying to get out. 

I believe you have something special to share with the world, and that unique passion deserves the level of support that will help you reach as many people as possible.

Stop wasting time on stuff that can be simplified and outsourced and go back to changing the world in the way only you can.

You deserve a business as vibrant and badass as you are

Here’s the spilled tequila tea

  • get white glove support for all your time sucking tasks

  • free up creative energy to tackle the tasks that actually bring in revenue

  • get organized, systemized and know what's priority and what's not

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My lifelong dream is to move near the beach and write novels full time

I feel the most at home when I am next to the ocean #mermaid

I am a published author

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do - but I never do it in public

I read about 5 books every week - some fun, some educational
I could eat pasta for every meal, for the rest of my life

I have been married for 16 years … and counting

I am the mother of 4 boys ranging in age from 6-15

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The only place I truly feel at home is beside or inside the ocean. #FormerMermaid.

But when I was creating my business I was thinking about all the experiences and lessons I've learned on my own entrepreneurial journey. One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to not hold on too tightly to things in my business.

Like the sand, businesses need movement to thrive and we as business owners have to allow the wind to take our operation where it wants to go. 

It's impossible to hold onto a fistful of sand without grains escaping through the crevices of our fingers - much like in business where nothing is guaranteed. I have learned that when we allow clients to come and go, numbers to go up and down and for our experiences to evolve - that is when we have true success and lasting impact. 

So Salt & Sand was named after realizing that when we blow like the sand and ride the salty waves of business - we achieve our wildest dreams.

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