I'm Alecia, An obm + Systems consultant

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Here I help you streamline and systemize your business so you can be organized and confident in scaling and growing your company. Business doesn't have to be complicated to make money - you just have to know how to set yourself up for success.

I can't thank Alecia enough for handling all of my business operations and team management. She has helped me make my business everything I envisioned and more.



My motto is: business should be simple & fun

Remember at the beginning when you just had a gut feeling and a world of possibilities at your feet?

Trying to do all the things in our business is the biggest killer of fun and enjoyment. We replace excitement with stress and anxiety and then wonder why we started this crazy thing in the first place.

No one can do it all without help, and you are no different. the quickest way back to the freedom you signed up for - is just one call away. 




SOP's Written

systems implemented

social media posts produced

how i got here

My successs hasn't been linear

april 2006

Tied the knot & had our first baby

Our first of four sons was born and I started my career as a stay at home mom

May 2012

november 2013

January 2016

Graduated college with a 5 & 3 yr old

Quit job & became an entrepreneur

Our business hit 500k in revenue

Graduated college and received my license in Occupational Therapy

After suffering severe burnout and experiencing my first ever panic attack I quit my job

Added two more sons to the family and our family business made 500k in sales in the first 6 months

March 2017

Started my first solo venture

I had been blogging and freelancing for several years but decided to expand and create my own business

October 2017

may 2020

september 2020

Became a full time OBM

Published my first book

Got certified and all official

I decided to take all of my skills and education and become an OBM so I could serve my clients better

My lifelong dream is to be a full time author one day but I published my first non-fiction book during the pandemic called Without Apology

While I don't think certifications are a necessity I did complete the CEO Support Method and became a certified OBM

all of my 



Getting flowers on a random day for no specific reason


The ocean is my happy place. And a stormy, moody sea is a therapeutic experience


There is never a day I don't read. Books have been the love of my life since I was old enough to escape into their many adventures


My boy gang. Being a momma to these 4 dudes will truly be the best thing I have ever done in my life

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I'm ready to scale