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As a self proclaimed “seeker of knowledge” I am passionate about learning new skills and diving into the best educational materials.

Entrepreneurship demands us to always be on top of our game and on the lookout for new ideas, new thoughts and new skills which is why I am happy to put my own courses into the massive catalog that is online courses.

So what makes Salt and Sand EDU different? 

I believe in bringing something new to the online educational community. I believe in sharing what has helped me as an entrepreneur of over 11 years

but also as a mom and someone who has raised business AND babies at the same time.

I understand the challenges facing women and moms and so my approaches are often unique and different and I want to bring the life changing information that worked for me - to you.

None of these courses resonate with you? Don’t worry, I am always adding things so be sure to check back periodically to see if something tickles your fancy. Or contact me with what you’d like to see in our EDU catalog. 

Happy learning! 


The course that every woman needs to finally get control of their time, their stress, and their day to day productivity.

This information is sure to change your life - like it did mine.

Coming Soon

Stop the stress with designing and writing the perfect sales page. 

This step by step blueprint will help you construct the perfect sales page that will have your clients asking "where can we sign up."

Coming Soon


This info is most beneficial when paired with a patron Margarita - cause friend, you deserve top shelf

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Learn how to manage your time and stop the stress once and for all

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