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If I had to guess, I would assume that you’d love a streamlined, organized and systemized business that runs methodically, automatically and always gives you a focused to do list. 

Am I right?

The biggest killer to business success is when we start our day staring at a blank computer system because we either a) have zero idea what we need to be doing or b) are so overwhelmed with all the tasks we have decision paralysis.

There is a reason my motto is “keep it simple” because I think we tend to overcomplicate just about everything.

With a few simple tweaks you can go from overwhelmed to productive without sacrificing more time with the ones you love or expelling more energy.

Let’s get into it.

01. Streamline all of your business tools

If you’re like the average business owner you likely have 25 tabs open at any time. An average day might have you using several different tools and software.

Something I do quarterly is research new business tools and systems that have hit the market or ones that have been updated to add new features. My favorite tools are the ones that are multifunctional and user-friendly and so many platforms are adding new features so they can serve multiple purposes.

If you are drowning in tabs and programs and feeling overwhelmed then the first thing to do is to see if you can streamline and combine some of the systems you currently use.

For example, my favorite email platform, Flodesk, has now implemented sales pages and checkout forms which can eliminate a payment management system like Samcart or Thrive Cart or even Leadpages. Not only does this save you money but it allows one place to hold multiple purposes leading to less digital overwhelm and stimulation.

02. Stop worrying about being in all the places

Look the online world is noisy and it can feel like in order to keep up you need to be showing up anywhere and everywhere.

Trying to keep up with just one social media platform is almost a full-time job – let alone trying to stay relevant on every single platform. It’s basically impossible.

This is why it is so important to know your numbers. You need to create a focus for your social media and marketing channels and not be spreading yourself too thin. By focusing on just 1 or 2 platforms you’ll have better results and growth and really be able to serve your audience better than trying to just throw lackluster content up in order to stay in people’s faces.

Check your social media numbers. Which platform is actually bringing you the most paying clients? Where are you growing the most? Don’t assume that just because others get clients from Instagram that that’s where yours are coming from. Perhaps yours are coming from Twitter or even LinkedIn. 

Cut out the noise in your business and pull your focus to the platforms that are bringing in money. Later on when you have the time and help you can branch out to other places but for now bringing focus to your business will create better results.

03. Set up a master re-purpose list

One of the first things I do for my clients when I become their OBM is to set up a master re-purpose list. 

Content creation can be exhausting. Pumping out new ideas and tips can be really difficult and so taxing on a biz owner. Content re-purposing is literally the answer to all of these problems, but if you aren’t organized in your content then re-purposing it is going to be more hassle than it’s worth.

So create a master re-purpose list ASAP.

You can do this in many different ways. I like to use google docs and also Asana to keep everything organized but it doesn’t really matter what method you use – the importance is that you create it. 

I organize mine by categories/content pillars and then copy and paste any content I create under the correct pillars. This includes blog posts, podcast transcripts or show notes, social media captions, and video transcripts – whatever I create I stick it there. 

The beauty of this is that I can constantly re-purpose content by copying and pasting all of the content or just bits and pieces of it. The possibilities are endless and it really helps when I need something quick or am in an uninspired phase and can’t think of something useful to create.

Trust me, having this master doc will save you so much time and stress and it’s something I highly recommend implementing immediately.

Need to get a handle on your to-do list? Grab my free resource “Lose the To-Dos” and learn my 3 step system for creating a better time management system in your business. Download the free guide here. 

04. Create an editorial calendar

I’m a big believer in batch working and the best way to achieve that is to be able to plan ahead so you can knock out a lot of tasks at one time without having to switch focus. 

An editorial calendar is such a lifesaver. I tend to batch work based on my menstrual cycle and what I am hormonally primed to do – so when I am in my spring and summer phases and feeling all of that creative energy I am able to go to my editorial calendar and pump out a lot of new content. 

Then I get to have all that juicy content to repurpose when I’m not feeling it – see how this ties together?

I create my editorial calendar in Asana and I am able to see a birds-eye view of everything I plan on posting. I have the main point, the caption, the date I will be posting it, and a tag of what pillar it falls under so I can make sure I am hitting all of my content pillars equally. I can then go in every morning and know exactly what I am posting, go post and then bam it’s done. 

05. Know when to put ideas on the back burner

The joy (and sometimes) frustration of being an entrepreneur and visionary is that you’ll likely never be short of new ideas. I keep an entire journal that’s just for ideas so I can keep track of all the endless thoughts in my head. I literally keep this on my nightstand cause for some reason ideas seem to think that my sleeping time is the perfect time to infiltrate my brain. 

However, because we are easily excited and usually very passionate about our businesses we tend to want to jump on every idea we get into our head and immediately put it into action.

The problem with this is that this will create absolute chaos in your business, your team, and your audience. Slow and steady really does win the race.

A must-have skill, for a successful business, is for you to learn how to know when to take action on an idea and when it’s time to shelve it for now.

Being able to decipher that will save you so much time and headache. Remember, everything is seasonal, and just because right now isn’t the best time doesn’t mean the idea will die – you’ll get to it, just need to wait for the right time. 

06. Create office hours and client boundaries

It’s easy to waste half a day with client communication, calls, and everything in between, without even realizing it. We all want to give a white-glove customer experience but that can often come at the expense of being able to keep our businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

Setting up specific office hours and boundaries will help you prioritize not just your business tasks but also your personal life and help your client understand the expectations right out of the gate.

Every person has the ability to take advantage of any situation and help so by having these boundaries in place from the very get-go – you won’t get into a situation where you’re sacrificing your personal time for client time. 

For me, this looks like having client communication time from 11-1 every day. This is the only time I’ll answer messages or emails and respond. I only do video calls on Wednesdays, Fridays are non-client days so I can get a full day of work in my business and I will not do work on the weekends unless there is some kind of emergency situation. 

I was nervous about these boundaries at first but honestly, they’ve been a lifesaver and have been received so well by my clients. Don’t be afraid to structure your day and set up a schedule that will help you thrive. Your clients will typically respond really positively, cause guess what – they have a life too. 

07. Outsource help

Investing in help can be nerve-wracking but it’s absolutely essential if you ever want to scale your business past what it is right now. 

The right help can take so much stress off your plate and actually improve your business because you shouldn’t have to know everything and be proficient in all the things.

Bringing in the help that are experts in their field can change your entire business for the better and free you up to do the things that you thrive at and the tasks only you can do. 

You’ll be surprised how much you can enjoy your business again and how much more energy you’ll have to implement new ideas and tweak the things that are already operational in your business. 

If you are ready to receive some support and go back to being the visionary in your business, see how I can help. 

Business doesn’t have to be hard and with the right simplifications and tweaks, your business can run smoothly, efficiently, and without stress. 

Streamline your systems, scale down your social media presence, set up a master re-purpose document, create an editorial calendar, learn when to shelve ideas, create boundaries and office hours and outsource help if you need it. 

You can have a business that works for you – you don’t have to be a slave to your own business creations. There are solutions, I promise. 

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