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Marketing feels a little like sex. 😏

You’re pretty sure you’ve got all the right moves and you feel pretty confident in your skills but then nothing is really working and you’re losing focus and you’re not getting the results you want and really “you’re just not that into it.” 

Marketing is similar. You think you’re doing all the right things, saying all the right things but you feel more like a robot than a badass boss babe and you’re sort of just talking to the wall cause no one is engaging with you and eventually you throw your hands up and say “I’m so not into this.” 

I don’t believe you need a marketing degree to be successful but I do think learning HOW to market and being willing to experiment and fail is truly the key to really nailing down what works for you and your business.

Like sex, it takes practice (and the right partner) 😉

I’m going to help you take your marketing to the next level by sharing with you 9 powerful words you can start using RIGHT NOW in your copy to help elevate your success.

Let’s explore.

01. You

Make all of your marketing about them. 

It’s easy to slip into making our businesses and our marketing about ourselves because we slip into being “us” focused instead of “them focused.” 

And that’s okay – it’s an easy trap to fall into.

By using the word “you” it creates focus on that one specific person and they feel like you are engaging, talking to, and creating just for them.

02. Because

This word provides a reason which is really important when you want someone to take action.

Why should they click that link, why should they comment, why should they share, why should they buy?

Express how they benefit and what they are receiving by doing that thing and you’ll have a much higher conversion rate on whatever your call to action is.

Humans need reasons to act. 

03. Now

This creates urgency and really solidifies the reason they should take action. You’ve made it about them, you’ve told them the benefit and now it’s time for you to literally tell them when to take that action and the answer is “now.”

This is a no-nonsense way to have them moving forward with your request and also creates a sense of urgency for your community.

04. New

People are being inundated with messages It’s a constant stream of marketing and so they are often becoming numb to messaging (which is why it’s so important to create good messaging)

When you use a word like “new” it makes people stop to see what you’re saying / offering / doing because they are intrigued by something that might break up the “been there, seen that” type of vibe.

In a TikTok world that has people seeing the same dance a million times and hearing the same song over and over they crave something new and different so use that word to stop their scroll and then give them something new.

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05. Proven

There is nothing humans love more than social proof. They want to see that what you are offering has worked for others.

We are community creatures, biologically, and we depend on each other for survival so we feel better knowing that if it worked for someone else – it will probably work for us as well.

The word proven shows social proof and provides that comfort to a potential customer/client.

06. Save

Everyone wants to save money – duh but it’s amazing how many business owners don’t really use this much in their marketing. 

I think the word save is one of the most powerful words in marketing because everyone wants to save something.

Whether that’s saving money or saving time or saving the planet – people love the thought of that. 

In your offers, what are you helping people save? Think about that and then really highlight that in your marketing and be sure to use the word save boldly and religiously.

07. Premium

We all want a premium product for a lower price and in this day and age it’s almost impossible to find that anywhere.

By using the word premium, and offering a premium product, people feel like they are getting what they are paying for and feel more willing to shell out money for that. 

They will also usually get better results because they are willing to do the work that is required of them to see the results.

Premium feels good and makes people want to spend – just make sure your product/service really is at the premium level.

08. Free

No one can resist a free deal – even if they don’t need it. 

This is a great word for lead gens, email list building offers and for any freebies or bonuses you are including in your courses/ services, etc. Don’t be afraid to use the word free, or think that it cheapens your brand. 

People love free things and it usually helps build a relationship with a newbie right out of the gate.

09. Risk-Free

Your audience wants a guarantee because it makes them feel safe. 

In a world full of absolute chaos and uncertainty, we want to take fewer risks – even if we know that sometimes life requires risks.

But look, we are stressed and overwhelmed beings and sometimes we just want someone to tell us that we can make money or that we will save time and that feels safe to us. 

It provides certainty when everything feels uncertain which makes us want to explore what you are offering even more – because we crave that safety right now.

So explore ways to make your offers risk-free and then talk about that in your marketing.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Like after-dark activities – sometimes it’s the basics that give us the best results – and the same is true in our marketing.

 Pay attention to the words you use, use them with intention and you might just find you see the results you’ve been asking for. 

Copy still not converting? Let me help you create or edit and fine-tune your brand copy so you can become a powerhouse marketing machine. Browse ways I can help here.

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