Hey there, dreamers and doers! Your biz bestie, Alecia here, ready to dive deep into a topic that’s close to my heart: being a multi-passionate entrepreneur in today’s society. Let’s face it, we live in a world that often tells us to pick one thing, specialize, and stick to a single path. But what about […]

Looking for ways to streamline your business tasks and boost productivity? Explore these top strategies for efficient task management. From prioritization techniques to task management tools and automation, discover practical tips to enhance your workflow and achieve greater efficiency in your business operations

Running a business can often feel like a juggling act, with numerous tasks demanding your attention. As a busy entrepreneur, it’s crucial to optimize your task management process to enhance productivity and reduce overwhelm. By implementing effective strategies, you can streamline your business operations, prioritize tasks, and achieve greater efficiency. More time for bingeing Yellowstone? […]

Marketing feels a little like sex. 😏 You’re pretty sure you’ve got all the right moves and you feel pretty confident in your skills but then nothing is really working and you’re losing focus and you’re not getting the results you want and really “you’re just not that into it.”  Marketing is similar. You think you’re […]

If you spend any time on social media you’ve definitely heard coaches, mentors, thought leaders, and experts repeatedly telling you to “add value, value, value” in order to gain new clients and scale your business. And that’s not rocket science, right? I mean we all know we need to add value to our audiences at […]

Fall colors are popping up everywhere, and with the changing leaves come beautiful warm-toned elements that make our eyes do a little happy dance. With every season, I feel the new inspiration to dive deep into nature’s colors and design a few color palettes that I think would be perfect if you plan on re-branding, […]

In a world where hustle is a dirty word and our Instagram feeds are full of sentimental quotes promoting more rest and relaxation and less work – it can be hard to know just how to run a business. If you work long hours, you feel like you’ve broken some spiritual code and pissed off […]

If I had to guess, I would assume that you’d love a streamlined, organized and systemized business that runs methodically, automatically and always gives you a focused to do list.  Am I right? The biggest killer to business success is when we start our day staring at a blank computer system because we either a) […]

Every good business owner needs the right set of tools to operate in the best way, just like T-Swift needs the right shade of lipstick to finish off her always delightfully perfect looks.  But with a million business tools out there how are you to know which one to choose? It’s literally like trying to […]

So you have your own corner of the internet carved out but do you ever wonder if your website is up to par? With all the new technology and options and people flooding the online world – it can be hard to know if you’re website is attracting your perfect clients but also converting them […]

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